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Prime Professional Office & Retail Spaces:

Grant Building - 43 Broadway, Saranac Lake, NY.
Prime professional office & retail spaces are now available in the Grant Building located in the heart of historic Saranac Lake village.
Considered one of the finest professional buildings in the Adirondacks, the Grant Building features many amenities including 24 hour security & on-site building management, ideal commercial location in the center of the Saranac Lake business district & village (adjacent to the US Post Office) & one of the largest private off-street parking areas in Saranac Lake. For additional information & availability, please call Eva @ 518-891-3745 (Rob Grant & Assoc. Real Estate)

The following office & retail spaces are available:


Ground Floor Office Space
Retail/Office - The 1st office space adjoing our real estate office has its own retail entrance on main st. as well as a rear entrance to the parking lot at the rear of the building. Total area 540 sq. ft (23' W x 19' L including a 22' x 4' hall/entrance) : Note: Rent includes heat, hot water, private parking & 24 hr. building maint. $795./month
Here's a link to the schematic: http://adirondackrealestate.com/html/thompson_building.html

Retail/Office Behind the above space and separated by a temporary wall (which can be removed in a day) is an adjoining space. Total area 460 Sq. ft (23'W x 20'L). This space was originally part of the adjoing office space and is currently used for storage as well as a construction office (cement floor w/overhead door at rear). Both spaces were originally connected as one large space. This space would need carpeting and cosmetic improvements. Note: Rent includes heat hot water, private parking & 24 hr. building maint. $575./month
Here's a link to the schematic: http://adirondackrealestate.com/html/thompson_building2.html

400 sq foot office space - Office suite featuring 400 square feet. $625./month (office # 2-9) Heat & hot water included, built-in bookcase, interior office features sound proof, bathroom, 2 private entrances

550 sq foot office space- Office suite featuring 550 square feet. $575/month (office #2-10) Heat & hot water included, kitchenette, bathroom, total of 3 office with waiting room, 2 private entrances

340 sq foot office space- Office suite featuring 340 square feet. $550/month (office #2-11) Heat & hot water included, bathroom, built-in bookcase, 2 room office

234 sq foot office space - Office space w/kitchenette.

Heat & hot water included
$325 / month , Office - 2nd floor - (office #2-6) 1 room, no bathroom (public bathroom available on 1st fl).
There is also an additional 1 room office next door with connecting doorway. This space could be combined to create a large 2 room office space with bathroom

Office - 2nd floor - Office suite $400/month (office #2-5) Heat & hot water included, recently remodeled with waiting room, sound proof interior office, , bathroom, 2 private entrances

500 sq footage office space
$795 per month
Ideal location next to US post office with significant walk in traffic. Private parking lot. Very convenient to all downtown stores, offices and services. 24 hour building management.

450 sq footage office space

Private parking lot. Very convenient to all downtown stores, offices and services. 24 hour building management.

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